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Xfinity Specials

XFINITY Internet lets you surf the Web with multiple family members online and send email attachments at lightning-fast speeds. More control. Say hello to the entertainment and communications you’ve always wanted. Play games without a break in the action. Access your voicemail online. Get organized with an online address book that does it all.

Next-generation speeds help enhance your entire media experience.

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Upload photos in a snap. XFINITY Triple Play customers get access to advanced features like Universal Caller ID on their TV and PC, Voicemail access from their phone or PC and HomePoint™, an interactive home phone-check email, weather reports, sports scores and more (not available in all areas).

It even includes 12 popular calling features at no additional cost. The Toolbar features anti-phishing to help avoid online scams. Being rated #1 in call clarity is just the beginning. You’ll also enjoy 12 standard features like Caller ID with Call Waiting, Call Screening, Call Forwarding and more

More choice. And more HD than ever before.

Stay in touch with friends and family in your area any time you want with inexpensive, unlimited local calling over our enhanced fiber-optic network.

You can also back up and share files with friends and family using Secure Backup & Share™.

It’s all here. Whether you’re watching TV & movies online, playing games, social networking, or simply paying a bill or sending an email-it all happens faster with XFINITY Internet.

More speed. Enjoy around-the-clock protection from the latest PC threats with Norton Security Suite. The ultimate experience comes in the XFINITY Triple Play and the best Comcast Xfinity Deals.It also means fewer hiccups, reduced buffering and less lag time. Introducing Comcast XFINITY

With Norton safeguarding your online experience, you can spend less time worrying about identity theft, viruses and hackers, and be more productive.

Bundle your XFINITY TV, Voice and Internet services and access your voicemail from your email, and see who’s calling right on your TV with Universal Caller ID.

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Watch streaming HD programs and movies online, play games with less lag, and download music and upload photos faster than ever before.

What will you do with all that extra time?