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Comcast Package Deals

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Comcast is one of the nation’s leading providers of quality digital TV, high speed internet, and digital home phone service–which means you can pay a whole lot less while getting a whole lot more when you bundle up their services. You can choose from many special deals and promotions, so you can save money on what you want, without paying for anything you don’t need.

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Comcast offers a wide variety of great package deals and rates, so you can be sure that you will find what you want, for the right price. From Xfinity Triple Play and Double Play bundle deals, to special individual promotions on high speed internet, digital TV, and home phone service, Comcast has you covered.

Best Comcast Package Deals, Special Prices & Rates

Comcast Basic Cable Deals – The great basic package includes your favorite channels in HD with no additional fee, starting at only $39.99 a month.

Comcast Double Play Bundle Deals – You can choose which 2 services you want to bundle, in any combination you want, so you can increase your savings.

Comcast Triple Play Bundle Deals – When you bundle all 3 of Comcast’s services, you get more and pay less. Our Triple Play Bundle Deals start at only $99 per month, so you can get it all without breaking your budget.

Comcast Xfinity offers superior value for your entertainment dollar, with basic plans that offer more than the competition at lower prices. Comcast’s Basic Digital TV package includes:

  • Over 80 channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, & More
  • FREE Showtime for 6 months
  • Your favorite channels in HD at no additional charge

Comcast’s Triple Play Starter FX includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Digital TV package
  • FREE Xfinity Streampix for 1 year
  • FREE Showtime for 3 months
  • Internet speeds of up to 20 MBps
  • High quality digital voice with Caller ID on TV

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