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Comcast Basic Cable Package

If you’re looking to get a simple basic cable package that gives you the most bang for your buck, then there’s no better choice than Comcast Xfinity’s Basic Cable Package. With over 80 all-digital television channels, which  includes local programming, sports, weather, kids’ and educational shows, there’s always something to watch for every member of your household. In addition, you can count on Comcast’s 30 day money back guarantee if you feel your TV package isn’t worth the price you’re paying.

  • Comcast Basic Cable – Includes popular channels like ESPN, Disney, MTV, Fox News, Bravo, Comedy Central, National Geographic, The Food Network, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and much more


Comcast Cable is always coming out with new promotions that can turn the basic or fundamental package they offer into a really great value. Basically, you get state of the art digital TV technology for the same price as yesterday’s basic cable, which translates into superior value for less money. Comcast Xfinity’s Digital Starter includes:

  • Over 80 digital channels
  • MTV, ESPN, TLC, CNN, Discovery, Nickelodeon & more
  • Your favorite channels in HD at no additional cost
  • Parental Controls
  • Entertainment On Demand options
  • FREE HBO for 3 months

Along with having the Comcast basic cable package, you can also bundle other services and get their Triple Play or Double Play Deals, so you can get more without paying more. It’s easy to upgrade your basic package by adding DVR service, so you never have to miss your favorite shows ever again, and Xfinity Streampix, which gives you unlimited online access to thousands of hit movies and TV shows.

Save Money With Basic Cable Service From Comcast Cable

If you’re looking to experience basic cable in a whole new way, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, call us now at 1-866-731-1853 with the promo code G15500 so you can take advantage of this exclusive basic cable package offer.